Day 72 #The100DayProject

Day 72 Nov 20, 2016

‘Lovelocks’ Namsan Tower is one of the tourist attraction in Korea. 

Namsan Tower and shopping in Myeong-dong was recommend by Esther. Esther and her friend wants to introduce famous cold noodle to me (foreigner). Naengmyeon (冷麵) with grill pork was the best cold noodle I ever had in Korea. Esther, friend of Emily who I met in Taiwan in 2013 before the military service. Emily contacted her high school friend and asked her to show me around in Korea. Thanks to Esther and her friend for the day tour to Namsan Tower and a great awesome meal.

Naengmyeong (메밀) is a common dish for Korean to have in summer. When the weather is too hot to stay outside. Korean people will find a Naengmyeong (메밀) restaurant for lunch. I guess is kind of wake up in this hot summer day. What I like the most was the grill pork and free hot meat soup in silver cup. Hot soup and cold noodle are so match.

After lunch we took taxi then transfer Namsan cable car to Namsan Tower. When we got to Namsan station we had to walked a bit to see the tower. We were too close to the tower that I cannot picture the whole tower. But I got a clear shot of ‘Lovelocks’. (Love padlocks also know as Love locks.) I did not know they have ‘Lovelocks’ in Korea. I thought that was the tradition of France. People with their lover on Pont des Arts (Paris bridge) put down the vow on the lock and lock on the fance of Pont des Arts (Paris bridge). Then throw the keys into the river. Anyway I did not buy any lock, cause I want to wait til my future partner and do it together.

I remember that day was Sunday. We happened to catch up with a tradition Korean drum show. The show was incredible. When they play the drum, the sky turns dark immediately. The sky was cover by numbers of dragonfly. When they stop playing. All the dragonfly goes away. Even Esther and her friend did not know this phenomenon. Were their first time to see as well. I was very surprise because the music was very terrible. Only can understand by dragonfly I guess. It was a fun day after all.

If I visit Korea again. I will bring Ann to see this amazing dragonfly phenomenon and put down our vow on Love padlocks.

‘Lovelocks’ Namsan Tower 南山塔, 2013


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