Day 74 #The100DayProject

Day 74 Nov 22, 2016

Hey! Who wants some chicken?

It was one of the best day of the year. Chicken House sales best traditional fried chicken in Southern Taiwan. We were here in Anping and found that Chicken House has a kiosk here. Can’t resist the fine chicken from them. See our fur kids so want to share the chicken hold in my hand. Someone took a bit while I was focus on our family photo shoot. Can you tell who was the most closer to chicken?

Hey! I only have one chicken for myself.

Roast potato was delicious and healthy. The skin was roast perfectly and they thought that was chicken as well. Can’t take their eyes off. Look at Jumbo, he is ready for a bite. Cooper was like save some for me. Don’t eat it all.


Jumbo: wow what is that? Ann: Potato!

New friend on the way. Very old Chihuahua.

Is something down there? Food is up here guys. It’s very rare they still have this kind of Green bean ice around. I though no one sale this anymore.

Old school Green bean ice.


YOLO! Let me out! I won’t go anywhere. I promise!

Tainan 台南中西區, Dec 05th, 2015


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