Day 76 #The100DayProject

Day 76 Nov 24, 2016

 It was so hot that there was a second I though we were at equator. 

Lin Mo Niang is the goddess protect our people who work on the sea. Fishery is one of the major economy resource for many family. Every time the husband went to work and they won’t be back for few days. Wife will pray to Lin Mo Niang to keep her husband safe and bring him back every time from work. People believe in Lin Mo Niang and built this park to memories her.

Me and Cocoa.

It was too bright that I can’t open my eyes and no one was looking at the camera.


Looks alike Southbank beach, Brisbane, Australia.

Isn’t this looks like marina in the west? Every time I saw this photo. It reminds me the fish and chips I had in Australia. Especially those fish and chips shops near the water. Their seafood always seems fresher and more tasty. We don’t have any good fish and chips in Taiwan. So sad.


Golden Jumbo 林默娘公園, May 4th, 2016


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