Day 77 #The100DayProject

Day 77 Nov 25, 2016

I searched her for 2 months, then I had her.

Previous owner was a non smoker lady. She and her boyfriend want to form a family and they decided to upgrade their car. That’s why they want to sale this MITSUBISHI MIRAGE. This car mileage were higher than I expect. 210,000 km must driven this car all the time. I knew the second I saw the mileages. I looked up on the and most of the MITSUBISHI MIRAGE at this year has higher mileages around 240 to 250k.  One main reason I bought this car is her boyfriend is a mechanic. I believe he would be worry about her safety, so he will look after the car nicely.

She told me first owner was an old lady. Non smoker as well. I decided to bought the car after the test drive. Car was on my expect in good condition and I bargain the price to AUD$3,000. All my friend said I got a good car and asked me the tips of searching a good car.



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