Day 78 #The100DayProject

Day 78 Nov 26, 2016

Jjamppong sea food noodle was my favorite Korean noodle back in Australia. In Korea they have an interesting way to eat it.

This is GANZO from Egypt. He was waiting his transfer flight for a day or two. That why I met him at the guesthouse in Hongdae. I was travelling alone, so I decided to invited him to join lunch with me. He said yes and he was hungry too. He has no idea where to eat and he’s happy to go with me. This is a restaurant near our guesthouse.

I feel like I want some Jjamppong so I brought him to this place. I asked him what he would like to order? He said he has never been to Korea or eaten any Korean food, so he doesn’t know what is good to order? And wants me to order for him. I found Korean likes to eat Jajangmyeon and JjamppongWhen Korean wants both, but they cannot finish 2 large portion dishes. Then they had an idea. Why don’t we cut both portion in half so we can have both noodles. That’s the story of it. So you can see one side will be back Jajangmyeon and the other side is red spicy seafood noodle. Korean combine the name as well, they call Jjam-jja-myun.

GANZO from Egypt, Hongdae Seoul, 2013

Madtongsan was the first Korean restaurant I went in Australia. I had my first Jjamppong noodle here. It was amazingly good. Hot and spicy seafood with oolong noodle. I love they combine with the veggies. The taste was so healthy and you can feel the spice accelerate your metabolism. This is the only shop they combine the seafood with oolong noodle. Other shops use egg noodles or instant noodle. And I personally think oolong noodle is much more tasty on this dish.

Jjamppong (Korean spicy seafood noodle soup)



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