Day 81 #The100DayProject

Day 81 Nov 29, 2016

Typhoon season and Light house.

Every Summer in Taiwan is our Typhoon season. It’s not safe anywhere near the water. We here at Kenting to see the Light house and we can smell the ocean by far. This is a great place to hang out and enjoy Taiwan scenery. 

Function of the Light house is to bring the fisherman to home and those lost people. I have watched a short documentary about a person who work at the light house for 40 year and never miss a day from work. Even tho he missed all the holidays with family. He still does his job every day. Light house man says this job is very boring. You have no one to talk. You have nothing else to do. No TV. No radio. The reporter asked him why you still doing this job? Don’t you every what to change a job? work with people. Light house man reply yes, he thought about it before, but not anymore. Cause you will never know when will the weather turns bad and you will never know those fisherman might need you one day.

Salute to those unknown hard worker who willing to give than to receive.


Kenting Lighthouse


Cooper: Wooooo!

Jumbo: Let me go!

Cocoa: Don’t drop me! Don’t drop me!

Cooper: Play with me.

Cooper: Not near the water!


Everyone: Don’t get any closer!

Stir-fry @ Kenting beach, Aug 21, 2015


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