Day 82 #The100DayProject

Day 82 Nov 30, 2016

Night market at Southern Taiwan.

Ruifeng Night Market is one of the famous night market at Southern Taiwan. It located at Kaohsiung downtown. Sometime I feel like street food such as Pepper Prawn, Roast Areola Babylon or Ginger Crab. Ann told me to get off at Kaohsiung station this time. We can have some food at famous Ruifeng Night Market before we head home.

20 years ago Kaohsiung was the biggest trading port in Asia. Everyone come to Kaohsiung will try out the fresh sea food here. Of course I ordered a plate of pepper prawn and roast areola babylon with salt. Ann didn’t have any of them. She has allege to prawn, so she had to watched me eat. Look at her sad face. hahahha


Kenny’s Pepper Prawns (肯氏胡椒蝦

Ingredients (Serves 2 extra large size)
– 1kg raw prawns give a clean wash 
– put salt and white pepper on the plate and place prawns on it in order
– put more salt and white pepper on the prawns, marinate for 15 mins in the fridge
– hit up the fried-pan and put some garlic, red chili and green shallot
– put all the prawn in and cook 10-15 mins
– more salt and white pepper before it’s done


Ruifeng Night Market 高雄瑞豐夜市, Jun 18, 2015


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