Day 83 #The100DayProject

Day 83 Dec 1, 2016

Dakgalbi (춘천닭갈비) Korean pan fry spicy chicken.

I went on to get some information before I go to Korea. Don’t wanna be scam by anyone. There are many travel information and personal experience on the website. I read them ever day for 2 weeks. Also I added some people who has left their kakao talk ID on the site. They given me lots of useful advises. Most of them were language students or working holiday in Korea. One of them who knows I will visit Korea soon. She asked me if I can bring some black tea and a bottle of Taiwan sauce. She had home sick. She said she never leave home that long. In this case, if I can bring her those two items from home. She and her friend will take me to discover a delicious local dish.

Dakgalbi (춘천닭갈비) Korean pan fry spicy chicken it a really famous dish. It required more than 2 person to join the meal. I was wondering is that something like hot pot? I don’t like to share a hot pot with others. I had lots of bad experience of sharing hot pot with Chinese people. It always make me stomachache after meal. I was a bit worry, but I did not tell.

They told me it’s some kind of mix on the hot pen. More like Taiwan’s teppanyaki. As you can see from photos it was mix all the ingredients on a hot pan. Staff will go from table to table help you cook the Dakgalbi (춘천닭갈비). The most I was excited about is to wear the apren. It looks funny on me and no need to worry get dirt on my shirt. It was a great dinner experience in Korea. 

춘천닭갈비 正宗春川炒辣雞, Seoul Korea, 2013 


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