Day 84 #The100DayProject

Day 84 Dec 2, 2016

She only celebrate once a year.

No Christmas, Christmas Day is for Johnny. No New Year, New Year is work duty. Only birthday she wants someone can spend a day with her. I didn’t prepare anything for her birthday. Cause I cannot think of anything is more valuable than spending time with her.

I like these two photos. It includes the street which shows the local life circle. It feels like we are part of Taiwan culture. We often can see photographer put their shoots of India people on magazine or facebook from time to time. Not much people will take photos randomly anymore. They must be in a restaurant or great scenery to shows the good time. How happy they are. How much fun it could be. Not like the old time photos, every ordinary people pressure every chance they got. 

These photos are great, don’t you think?

Don’t remember why was I angry about, but she tried to please me with photos.

Kenny: Is your birthday, what would you like to eat? 

Ann: I don’t know, you decided. I will have anything you want!

Kenny: I feel like Domino’s or KFC.

Ann: I don’t want fast food la.

Kenny: So what you feel like? Anything?

Ann: I don’t know, you decided don’t ask me.

Kenny: …Okay, how about stir fry.

Ann: Okay, acceptable.

We had lots of this kind of conversations. We will miss this when we turn old.

Ann’s birthday, 2015


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