Day 85 #The100DayProject

Day 85 Dec 3, 2016

It was the hottest moment of the year. But they cannot resist the outside world .

We just arrived after 40 mins drive. They already thirsty. Thanks to church people who came to Liudui Hakka Cultural Park on the same day with us. They brought a huge watermelon and share a slice to us. Dogs can have watermelon and it has lots of water in the melon can help them to cool down the temperature during this hot weather. We were worry if they got to hot under the sun. See they can’t wait to have the melon.

Watermelon dog.

First time to see Corn Fields is in Taiwan. As people knows when U.S. economic take off corn has become the main resource on the dinner table. When we were kid we had a lot HOB  movies and drama. We saw western people have taco for their meals. Soldier has taco in the war. Even family gathering has taco. Is like they have taco all the time. When I was young I was wondering how can they survival without rice? hahaha It was a funny and stupid thought.

Liudui Hakka Cultural Park

屏東客家文化園區, May 30th, 2015


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