Day 86 #The100DayProject

Day 86 Dec 4, 2016

My thoughts were short. My hair was long.

All they want is to hang out at the park every day. No matter hot or cold. They just love the smell of freshness and clean air. After the walk at the park they wish to have Kenny’s egg fried rice for dinner and hopefully become a routine.

Green Tea mama

Look at her. She a born model, isn’t she. When you look at her you always feel like today is Friday and tomorrow you can rest and have fun.

Aunt Cookie

Cookie is a shot leg eater. She loves any kind of food and very lazy. Her favorite is chicken breast mix with veggies and rice. 

Big sis Cocoa

Cocoa is a smart girl. She know every time I came they will go out to somewhere or have a big meal at night. So she stick with me where ever I go to please me.


Cooper has extremely loud voice and old face. He is Ann’s protector. He bark to every people who smell like bad person.

Golden Jumbo

Jumbo is a weird kid. Ann and Qin said we are very alike in anyway. Such as thinking, behavior, etc.


Me and two boys.


Qian Xi Park, Sep 6,2015

With us they feel safe and happy. They can feel what we feel. They can see what we see. Smell and taste every little bit of sweet and sour we been through. Thanks to everyone of them being here for us. 


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