Day 87 #The100DayProject

Day 87 Dec 5, 2016

My favorite car so far.

I have to said if I could I would not let this MITSUBISHI LANCER go.  Same, I got this car from the dealer friend. 160k clean and tidy, great performance, nothing to fix. Everything original. He sold me AUD$4,500. It’s a fare price. So I take the deal.

The clutch of this car was very smooth. I believed anyone who has driven this car will reckon is an easy car to drive. MITSUBISHI LANCER is a popular model in Australia. People usually recommend their kid to buy this car for their first car. Very suitable for people who just got their licence and need a car to improve their driving skill. After people improve their skill and want to change a new car. When they sell the car, it won’t be a lost on value. But different situation on me. I was about to leave the country, so I asked the dealer friend to help me sale the car. I got the message from him. He sold the car for AUD$2,500. It’s a lot lower than 45. I should sale the car myself. Cause I got email from others and they offer AUD$3,650 before they see the car. I think if I sell it myself I can make the deal at 38.

1999 MITSUBISHI LANCER VR-X (very low k), 2013

I drove this car to work almost every day. It’s a very economy car. It cost me about AUD$50 for fuel per week. Saturday morning I will drive this car to West End Market which is 15 mins away from Southbank. This market has lots of local farmers sale their veggies and meat. First thing arrived to this market I will buy a coffee, then shop around the place. Sometimes you can find some young people play music under the tree near stand cafe. Every month I will go to gold coast enjoy the sand and the market along the beach or local town to discover the area. I would say having this car makes me want to drive more, find a new place to go.


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