Day 88 #The100DayProject

Day 88 Dec 6, 2016

Graduate students at Qijin, Kaohsiung.

When I saw these young students, they brought up my memory whichI didn’t participate the graduation ceremony when I graduated from James Cook University. The graduation ceremony was hold at Townsville. The reason I didn’t apply is I though it was not  important and it might not have any meaning for me in the future. I am stupid and I was wrong. I am very regret that I miss the ceremony and I feel upset every time I recall about it. If I can travel back through time. I will make it right!

I went to Australia on the last year of my high school which means I didn’t participate the graduation ceremony in high school as well. I am very envy those students. They will have the best memory on their last day and the memories of 4 years in college. I have met some good friends in college and I miss them a lot. Sometimes I was wonder, what if I didn’t come back to Taiwan. What my life will be? Will it be better or harder? Being first generation to another country never been easy. Coming back to Taiwan was a right chose, otherwise I will not met my wife and get married.

Ann told me what we have been through made us today. If we did not have these experience we might not be here today and non of these will happened. If we did not have these experience we might be a different person and we will not be together. So God bring us together we believed we will have a better and brighter future together.

For those people who still remember me you are my true friend. Even you will not see this post, but I still want to thank all of you and everything you did, the time we spend together. I wish you all the best and I love you all.1430752825289

Graduate students.

Qijin 高雄旗津海灘, May 01, 2015

Amazing diving equipment with history.


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