Day 89 #The100DayProject

Day 89 Dec 7, 2016

Pingtung stir fry night.

Not their first time to have stir fry with us. But their first time to try pig liver and their were yelling for more. This was the second time we had stir fry in Pingtung. We have found dining out was not popular for people from Pingtung. It was dinner time and we were the first customer.

People from here give a warm welcome. They offer a free cold dish for starters. Pig liver was tasty and it’s very match with beer. We were here by car, so we didn’t order any alcohol drinks. We are not a fan of pig liver which I asked for a bowl of hot water to wash the pig liver and let them to have it. Dog cannot eat salty food. They are not like our human body need sodium. Salty food could lead to sodium ion poisoning. Too much salt will cause vomiting, diarrhea, depression, high temperature, and seizures. It has a great chance to cause death.

Ann always remind me keep them away from salty and fatty food is the key to keep them healthy and live long. If you have dog you will know every time you eat they will stop what they are doing and watch you and hope you can share some delicious food with them.

Cocoa was the first one notice pig liver on the table.

Kenny: Cookie wasn’t you turn yet.

Mapo tofu, Green beans and intestine, Teppanyaki beef and Pig liver.


屏東熱炒, Dec 20th, 2015

Green Tea feels like having some Mapo tofu tonight.


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