Day 90 #The100DayProject

Day 90 Dec 8, 2016

First time visit Kenting with Ann and Jumbo.

Our first sunset together. She said sunset is beautiful and capture it to memories. I am not a fan of sunrise and sunset. In Taiwan most of the college students will invited their friends to Alishan mountain to watch sunrise. They will plan the trip together, book the hotel room and rent a car to Alishan mountain

Alishan mountain is locate at Chiayi County, Taiwan. Students all over the country has travel far to center of Taiwan. They wouldn’t care if their plan is good or not. They know it will be a precious memory for them. To watch sunrise they will spend a night there and wake up very early next day to catch the Alishan train to the top of the mountain. Most of the people choose not to sleep. The reason is if you want to watch sunrise you need to get ready around 2-3am and be at the top before 4am. Otherwise you will miss it.

I have been there once and I love the nature and over hundred years old trees. But I’m not interested in watching sunrise, so I didn’t spend the night there. I’m not sure Ann has watched sunrise when she was college student. But I’m sure she love the nature as I do.

Ann asked me if I can choose to go on vacation mountain and ocean which will you choose? I reply with mountain. I love the cool and fresh air at night and early in the morning. Also the food you eat in the mountain always seems more tasty. She said she will never choose mountain, too many bugs that she cannot tolerant. She love ocean cause is big and wide. It makes you open your mind to this world. Big blue sky and the smell of ocean always fascinating her. And she love fish too. That’s why she loves to take me to the beach.


First time to Kenting, Nov 10, 2014

No photo please.

Jumbo was amaze by the beautiful weather.

Jumbo was crazy running around. Have to call his name to see where he went. Don’t know why he ate the send. Maybe it taste funny?


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