Day 91 #The100DayProject

Day 91 Dec 9, 2016

Big meal at JoYYours.

It was an amazing meal. Every dish was so delicious and tasty. Green Tea was peeping from her ride when the first dish was on the table. Before Ann met me, she won’t go to restaurant by herself. She’s not a fan dining out. But she change after we been together. Dining out become different meaning to her. Sharing good food to your love one is worth to cost. Ann knows I love roast chicken and spaghetti which we order these 2 items on the menu. Soup of the day was tasty and creamy. Dessert is some kind of crunch bread in a toast with ice cream on top (set meal for 2). The dessert is popular in young age ladies for afternoon tea.

JoYYours 高雄左飲右食, Jul 18, 2015

We met some squirrels at the park next to restaurant. We did not know squirrel love cheese. 4 of the squirrels ate all the cheese which was prepare for Green Tea. Usually when Green Tea is out with us, she will have bread with cheese or sandwich. Today she had some of my roast chicken. Lucky her.

Green Tea hide in the trolley.


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