Day 92 #The100DayProject

Day 92 Dec 10, 2016

She likes to squid in between.

Every time we go out we love to bring Green Tea with us. She has the six scene knows when we plan to go out. She will first give us the look “Where are you going?”, then she will step in the way and give us the look “Are you guys taking me with you?”  If we say “Green Tea wait at home, we will be back soon.” She will turn her head to one side and we have to said it again to make sure she did not hear it wrong. But we usually take her when we decide to go somewhere to relax.

This restaurant is located in a hotel at Kaohsiung. Recommend by someone. We here to try out their afternoon tea. Environment is nice and clean. Service was good. But food just okay, not outstanding. After done eating we went for a coffee. Green Tea was trying to squid in between us. It was very funny to look at her face like this. We also put this on our instagram. She is our No.1 family and fan. We will love you forever.

Hotel dùa 高雄悅品港式下午茶, May 31, 2016


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