Day 94 #The100DayProject

Day 94 Dec 12, 2016

Coffee and toast, enjoy the morning quite.

I was traveling alone and wants to observes the daily life in different country. On the first week in Seoul, Korea. I woke up early and look for food for breakfast. It was out of my expectation. My backpacker is located in Hongdae area. At night is very popular, but in the morning you barely can see people on the street. It’s very alike in Ximanding in Taiwan.

The difference between two countries is in Taiwan you can see people selling breakfast on the street or you can find some breakfast restaurant. In Korea is very different. Is hardly to find a breakfast restaurant. I searched for few streets and found one fast food restaurant open in the morning. First though appear in mind was this might be the place people come for breakfast. But I was wrong. 2 stories building has less the 10 customers including myself.  

I was wondering Korean don’t eat breakfast? I didn’t ask anyone, so I don’t know the answer. Breakfast was good Grill toast with ham and a cup of coffee. Light meal in the morning keep me awake and feel full of energy. Also be healthy is what I always want.


DUNKIN’ DONUTS, Hongdae Seoul, 2013


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