Day 95 #The100DayProject

Day 95 Dec 13, 2016

I miss our cute babies every day.

Best hanging out place in Pingtung. I didn’t know our government has built a culture park specific for aboriginal. Taiwan Indigenous Culture Park  is located at remote place which connect with mountains. These are the photos when you enter the park. They has a small train to take you deep inside the mountain. Unfortunately my phone was dead so didn’t take much photos when we were deeper.

I love to bring some home cook food when we go somewhere. As you can see in the photo. I made the pork belly with special chili sauce. Ann made the egg rolls. We also prepared bread and cheese for our fur kids. For the good food they always can’t had enough.

Oh! They met a fight cock at the car park and the fight cock was very scared. 1 vs 5 who doesn’t.

Taiwan Indigenous Culture Park 屏東原住民文化園區, Jul 04, 2015


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