Day 96 #The100DayProject

Day 96 Dec 14,2016

Found an awesome local snack accidentally.

Tungkang (East tabour of Pingtung) fish market of Pingtung. Where our fur kids always find it very interesting. They always curious of other species such as octopus or crabs. Every thing can move but nothing like them. They will bark extremely crazy to them. We have to pull them far away and distract their interest. 

We bought some seafood for dinner and walked around the area. Found this local traditional snack shop. It had snack award back in time and they open till these day. Even tho this place is not a popular spot for tourist or another people. We just love their spirit of doing what they want to do. I think we will come here once in a while when we need some more snack.

屏東東港, Oct 24th, 2015

This amazing snack shop is right across the Tungkang Fisherman Market. They got over 10 to 12 flavors and some cool ice cream for hot summer. I will recommend anyone if you see this post. You should come here and feel the locals.

屏東東港, Oct 24th, 2015


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