Day 98 #The100DayProject

Day 98 Dec 16, 2016

Surprise in alley.

While we were just handing out in Kaohsiung. Found this little store sells Mochi. As I mention in previous stories. Ann love this kind of food and she has heard about this shop as well. This is an alley people won’t pass by often, but while we were here to finish our Mochi. I noticed some tourists come here by guild book just to try this delicious Mochi. I was so surprise that they can find this place. Even tho I’m not sure if I can find it here.

We bought peanut and sesame flavors and I can’t wait to try it. Ann wants to take a photo to memories. Yes, we took a picture. But I didn’t know she wants to take another one. As you can see I have to hide mine Mochi cause I already had a bite.

Kenny: Can you let me finish the one in my mouth? (right picture)

In Taiwan most of the neighbor will have a stall sell noodles and side dishes from morning to noon. We just walked around and decided to grab something to eat. We only found one noodle stall is open in the afternoon. We were happy to that we can seat and eat. The weather was too hot. Cannot walk too long under the sun. Also we wrote a post card to ourselves. Noodle and side dishes was good and tasty. 

高雄鹽埕區老街散步, Sep 05, 015

Me and handmade noodles.


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