Day 99 #The100DayProject

Day 99 Dec 17,2016

What will you be in 10 years?

Have you ever think of what will you be in 10 years? Every time I went to bed, I will dream one day I will be success. I will have my own company and be the top of the business. But every time I woke up I don’t have the courage to believe I can do it. Day after day seeing people around me has started their own business one by one. They are working hard to make it happen and work. I look at the man in the mirror. I was wonder when will you be success or when will you start to do? Or you will be the same 10 years later and do nothing? I felt pathetic for myself.

Thing has been changed now. I have Ann assisted me to build a business. A business of our own. Ann and I decided to make fountain pan ink. At the begging we thought it will be easy. We can find the recipes online and make it to sell. In face, we didn’t make any progress for 3 months until yesterday. I have no experience of starting a business and I thought I will give up this time as usual. After numbers of testing we made our first step which given us the faith and hope to curry on.

We are the person who make each other changed. We keep ourselves moving forward. We would never stop. 10 years later when we look back we will be proud of ourselves. We will be glad of everything we been through.





3 thoughts on “Day 99 #The100DayProject

    1. Thank you for the wishes. I love your photos. They are amazing.
      I will keep following your updates and share your beautiful posts with my wife.
      Yellowstone is an amazing place. My wife told me this is a must visit place in life time early this year.
      Love the details maybe we will follow your footsteps to Yellowstone.
      Wish you Marry Christmas and Happy New Year.
      Love to see more posts for the following year.

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