Day 100 #The100DayProject

Day 100 Dec 18, 2016

Last day of #The100DayProject challenge.

Here I would like to commit my love to my wife. She will be the first and the last woman I give all my love to. I will continue the journey with her to the end. Ann Chen I love you. 

#The100DayProject challenge not just a gift to Ann. Also is a self estimate if I can complete the challenge. As people knows me, they knew I gave up things easily. I am not sure if I can continue doing this for 100 days. But now I can say do things with patient and hard work. You will reach your goal soon or later. This is the first challenge I completed and won’t be the last. I will do another challenge right after this one. My goal is gaining confidence by completing different challenges. She will be my courage to go through the uncertainties path.

She remind me one thing all the time. Don’t be afraid of doing things wrong. If you afraid of doing wrong you will never give a try. Do things without fear. No need to be afraid falling. No one can do things right at once and never make any mistakes. And this is the reason I start #The100DayProject as a test to myself. She courage me. Always got my back.






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